W/2 + NE/4 of SW/4 36-23-3: 120 acres of Garfield County Playground!

Listing ID: 2828
Lot/Tract Size: 120 Acres
December 24, 2020


W/2 and NE/4 of  the SW/4 of S36-T23-3WIM – 120 +/- Acres, surface only, very nice East Garfield County grassland/pasture, only 1/2 mile back west from Garfield/Noble County line and 6 miles east,  1.5 miles north of the Highway 412 & 74 interchange. Priced at only $2,000.00 per acre for super easy access playground/grazing land! Natural creek pond is between 2-3 acres, and should be full  at least three seasons depending on the rain. Just the right amount of rolling hills and some trees, and perfect for (and has been used for) cattle grazing. Judging by the tracks just in the road, there should be some hunting opportunities here. Soil information is available upon request. Driving directions: 7 miles east of HWY 412/74 interchange (Garber “Y”) OR 7.75 miles west of I-35/412 interchange, then 1.5 miles north of HWY 412 on Noble Rd. (County Line Rd.), and 3/4  miles back west on E0410 Rd. (Champlin Rd. is the 6 mile; however, it does not go through)  Call Cole J. Ream with any questions 580-484-8401.