Restaurant Pad PLUS Adjacent Paved Parking Lot – Ready to Go

Listing ID: 2072
Office Area: N/A sq ft
Shop/Warehouse: N/A sq ft
Offices: N/A
Bathrooms: N/A
Conference Rooms: N/A
Common Areas: N/A
Zoning: C-3
Utilities: Water-City, Gas-ONG, Electricity-OGE
Lot/Tract Size: 36.372 s.f. (m.o.l.)
Parking: 35
Retail: N/A
May 23, 2018


This site was formerly occupied by what were told was the number one performing  Hardee’s location in town. The group ceased operations in Enid in the late 1990’s. The building was operated as a local establishment until burning to the ground in 2015. The site remains an excellent location for a National or Regional Fast Food franchise. All basic infrastructure in place including parking lot and signage foundation. NOTE: Listing now includes adjacent paved parking lot  adding 16, 422 s.f. (mol) yielding a total of  36,372 s.f. (m.o.l.)  That’s over 8/10’s an Acres with utilities on site and paving in place.